Field of Expertise

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We support our customers on their plannings and installations of computers for large scale numerical simulation and/or complex service purposes. Main focus is layed on system optimization for specific software structures, intended to be employed.
  • Integrated hardware/software solutions.
  • Cluster systems.
  • High performance computing centers.
  • Cloud Computing, networking and storage concepts.
  • Vector- and GPU-computing (NEC, NVidia-CUDA).

Upon request, we build cost-efficient cluster systems for high performance computing purposes based on simple PC-hardware. Our systems focus on the minimum principle to achieve best price/performance ratios for a specific field of applications being. Employing a liquid cooling system minimizes air conditioning needs and enables essential electricity savings:
  • Sparse, compact design.
  • Specific optimization depending on actual needs.
  • Minimized air conditioning needs due to water-cooled processors and NB's.
  • Cooling components of own design and manufacturing for maximum safety.
Attention: Allthough tipical CPU-temperatures are kept low, we do not encourage overclocking. Overclocking voids warrenties of electronic components granted by hardware vendors.  



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