Field of Expertise

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At numrax, we focus on:

Furtheron, we support our customers concerning product developments and equipment.

Previous work of numrax in following areas:
Nanoparticle reactors (E,S). Ship technology and propulsion (E,S). Fusion reactors (B,F,P). Energie (B,E). Water suppy (B). Physics (B,E). Satellite systeme (B). Vacuum systems (B,F,S). Pharmazeutical (E,S). Automotive (B,E). Construction materials (S). Heat exchangers (B,S). Offshore foundations and scour protection (E,S). Aerospace (S). Computing and IT (B,E,F,P).

(B): Consulting
(E): Development (methods or products)
(F): Production or production support
(P): Project management (incl. support of)
(S): Simulation


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