Field of Expertise

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Numrax's primary field of expertise is fluid dynamics, mainly computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for a broad range of applications. These include incompressible, weakly compressible, subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows with or without extensions like chemical reactants (flames, detonations), suspensions and aerosols or material discontinuities. Numrax will analyse a customers problem and develop specific solution methods for arbitrary physics involved.

We're convinced that most problems in fluid dynamics are very specific. Numrax is thus contributing to the development of an open source object oriented software system without any conflict concerning numrax's outline as a company. The software system has been originated at IVG, University of Duisburg.

Current academic and commercial applications of this software range from shallow water ship flows to nano-particle reactors, from propeller efficiency analysis to ground water flow simulation or detonation instability analysis and, due to the free download, to an unknown number of applications beyond our knowledge. 


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